How it all Began

Est. 1998 - Owner Mike Borrelli

Metan Marine began 25 years ago in a shrunk wrapped shed in Mike Borrelli’s backyard. Through years of hard work and devotion to the craft, Mike built Metan Marine into a nationally known classic and custom boat restoration company as well as cutting edge builder of their own new classic style boats.

Mike Borrelli is the owner and lead craftsman of Metan Marine. Mike’s extensive knowledge of repairing and restoring fiberglass boats has made him an innovator in the industry, using vacuum infusion processes, cutting edge techniques and premier materials. Mike has assembled a team of highly skilled craftsmen with years of experience and varied specialties, all with the same commitment to quality and innovation.

Fiberglass repair is an art form that takes years to perfect. Mike and his team have a collective 125 years honing their craft. This is why Metan customers know they can bring complicated repairs and restorations and expect award winning results. Mike has taken these years of the knowledge and the advanced processes used in the restorations of the classics and incorporated them into the new Metan Classic Collections. Who better to build these new superior vessels for the next generation than the craftsmen of Metan who have already brought back numerous family heirlooms that will now be around for the future!

Men of Metan

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Gary Wilson: Shop Leader

40 year craftsman specializing in metal and fiberglass fabrication.


Gary started his career in the marine industry at 16 years old working at Boston Whaler in Rockland, MA. Gary established himself very early on as a talented fiberglass and metal fabricator.  He ended his  successful 17 year run at Boston Whaler as the shop leader of the Government and Commercial division. He then went on to work for a local metal fabricating company where he dedicated himself to his craft for another 20 years, becoming a recognized fabricator/welder in the local marine industry. Gary and Mike worked together on numerous Metan projects over the last 20 years landing them together once and for all when Mike hired Gary as his shop leader at the new Metan facility.

Scott “Vamboosalstien” Trahan

Scott Trahan: “Vamboosalstien”– 20 year expert in AwlGrip coating products, gelcoat application and color matching.


Scott was a kid when he came to work for Metan some 15 plus years ago. Known to all as “Scotty Vamboolstien”. One of the most talented painters, fiberglass fabricators and gelcoat matching geniuses in the industry…Often referred to as Michael’s kid brother from another mother.

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Joe “Joey” Borrelli

Master Fiberglass/Composite Fabricator – 20 years of learning, growing and working at Metan Marine.

Joe, as the photo shows, has been a part of Metan since he was a young boy, where the little attention span he had was always on boats.  Well that young boy’s attention is now fully focused on growing Metan, alongside his father.  Joe’s very early interest in the vacuum infusion process provided him the years of experience usually found in older seasoned peers in the industry.  Along with his God given talent and his Father always pushing him to do his best, he has become a true craftsman in his own right in the repair of fiberglass using the most advanced processes and products.

Keith Stevens

Master Fiberglass/Composite Fabricator – 25 year expert in AwlGrip coating products, gelcoat application and fiberglass repair.

Keith began his career straight out of vocational high school when he jumped at an opportunity to work for his neighbor who headed up the paint shop for The Hinkley Company.  He went on to become the lead Awlgrip applicator in the Hinkley paint shop.  During his time at The Hinkley Company, Keith repaired and restored many Hinkley vessels, meeting and exceeding the same high level of care expected at Metan. making his transition to Metan seamless.

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Chuck Homer

Master Craftsman and Carpenter – 45 years as a craftsman and teacher in the carpentry trade.

Chuck’s 45 year history speaks for itself.  He started as a carpenter and quickly built up his own contracting company.  After a successful career in contracting, Chuck turned his attention to teaching his trade.  He took a position teaching carpentry at Shore Vocational High School.  Chuck’s passion to “save the trades” grew so much, he went on to become and retire as the Superintendent of South Shore Vocational High School.  After building his dream home up in the beautiful countryside of Maine, he came out of retirement to join the Metan team leading up the “wood shop” just as he did for all those years as a teacher.

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Joe ‘Pop’ Borrelli
Michael’s Consiliare

Pop is Michael’s closest advisor and biggest fan. 

After 30 years of working his way up to executive management at John Hancock Companies, he set himself up for very early retirement at the young age of 55.  The timing could not have been more perfect because that was when his son Michael came up with what they thought was this crazy idea of building the infamous shrunk wrapped shed, which was the beginning of Metan Marine.  Well not only did Pop help Michael build that first shrunk wrapped shed, but he and Michael together went on to build the metal building/shop which was a far upgrade from the shed.  To this day Pop has not left Michael’s side and is never more than a few steps away to lend his worldly and worthy advice or opinion, both of which are priceless to Michael. 

Customers of Metan

Robert Landry
Robert Landry
1970 Seacraft 20CC
I would like to take this opportunity to say what a pleasure it was to work with Mike and his team of professionals at Metan Marine. Working with them to restore our Classic 1970 Sea Craft was a truly fantastic experience. They worked with us during the entire process of a complete restoration. The Teams years of experience and knowledge had such great ideas on even the smallest of details. The top quality workmanship, quality materials and attention to detail is what separates Metan from the rest. In the end we were blown away with the finished product which turned an old classic into a brand new beauty ready for another 50 years of family fun.
Paul LaBrie
Paul LaBrie
1974 Marshall Cat 22
Even before refurbishing it, we loved the 22' Marshall Cat Duck Soup, because of its lineage to the Marx Brothers 1939 movie Duck Soup and its special design to accommodate it’s original owner, who is paraplegic. Metan Marine has refurbished it into a piece of artwork that I love to keep behind my house just so that I can look at it anytime. Many people admire it and compliment us for it when they should, in fact, be complimenting Mike Borrelli and Metan Marine.
Jeff Pierce
Jeff Pierce
1971 Boston Whaler 21
Working with Mike and his crew at Metan Marine has been a great pleasure. They are capable of creating something beautiful out of nothing. Their process has been very professional and their interaction has been very personable. If you are looking for someone to work on a boat then look no further! Thanks to Mike and his crew for making our boating experiences come true.
Russ MacPherson
Russ MacPherson
1985 Seacraft 23 T/T Trilogy
Metan Marine performed a total restoration and inboard outboard conversion to my 1985 sea Craft 23. The project started with a complete evaluation of the boat and original configuration with an outboard motor. It was clear that the years of service had left our beloved Sea Craft in need of major repair or redesignation as a permanent backyard ornament. Metan Marine undertook the entire turnkey project and delivered an excellent rebuilt and repowered I/O conversion. The finished product meets our standards of excellence as a custom watercraft and as a tender to compliment the motor yacht. With Metan Marine’s results our Sea Craft has indeed found a new life so it only seemed fitting to rename her “Triagain” —and this time much for the better!” With thanks and appreciation
Steve Clancy
Steve Clancy
1973 Seacraft 23CC
The work performed on my vintage 1973 Sea Craft 23 was far beyond my expectations. When Metan Marine completed the restoration back in 2005, it looked like a brand new custom made boat, and the best thing is... after 5 seasons of heavy use since, it still does. In fact, in 2008, I allowed Metan to show my boat at the New England Boat Show. It was right next to the new production Sea Crafts that were fresh from the factory. The Sea Craft rep at the show said that my vintage ’73 Sea Craft blew their new factory boats away, structurally and cosmetically. Candidly, there was no comparison. Metan’s construction methods, design improvements, attention to detail, and finish processes are second to none.
Steve Clancy
Steve Clancy
1964 Pearson Ensign
After experiencing superior results with my Sea Craft, I decided to bring my vintage 1964 Pearson Ensign class sailboat to Metan Marine for a much needed thorough restoration... the work was completed in the spring of 2009. As part of the process, Metan recommended, and I highly endorsed, the elimination of the useless rub rail system that attaches the deck to the hull... huge enhancement to the look and the performance of the boat. Overall, the results were amazing, inside and out. In my opinion, and I’ve been around Ensigns all my life, it’s now the best looking Ensign I’ve ever seen. If you plan to have the boat you love restored to glory, do yourself a favor and check it in with Mike Borrelli at Metan Marine.
Kelly, Dave, Jack, Kate and Megan Solway
Kelly, Dave, Jack, Kate and Megan Solway
1976 Seacraft 23 CC
t’s hard to believe that our 1976 23' Sea Craft center console is the same boat we gave to Metan Marine one year ago. The “Master craftsmanship” and heart and soul that went into our Sea Craft is an understatement. This past year, not only has Mike managed the project like a professional with monthly/weekly progress reports, he became our friend. Mike understood our needs to make our Sea Craft family friendly and maintain its fishability. The thought of putting an electronic “Head” and holding tank on this boat was unthinkable; however, Mike convinced us we would regret not adding it into the master plan. As for the full electronics package, fiberglass repairs, custom metal fabrication and paint finishes, Metan delivered a 30 year old boat that is better than new! We love Mike and all his guys at Metan Marine!
John Merrill, Jr.
John Merrill, Jr.
1985 Boston Whaler Custom 17
...the work you did is so good, it is beyond comprehension! Everyone loves it!
George Voorhess
George Voorhess
1996 Seacraft 23CC/1990 Boston Whaler 17
I have had Mike Borelli maintain and upgrade two classic boats for over 10 years now a 1996 SF 23 Seacraft and a 1990 Boston Whaler Rockland built 17 Montauk. I would only trust Mike with these hulls. They are irreplaceable and not for sale.
Richard Collins
Richard Collins
2017 Metan Pelham Bay 21
I have been doing business with Mike Borrelli and Metan Marine for over 15 years. I first used Metan Marine to convert my Cary Express from “Miami Nice” to a more traditional teak and holly style finish. I was so pleased with how the boat turned out, I had Mike build me a 21 ft. Pelham Bay Center Console, a reproduction of a Boston Whaler Outrage Metan Marine does excellent fiberglass and woodwork detail. Mike Borelli is a perfectionist who is passionate about boat building and restoration. It is truly a labor of love for him and it shows in all his work. I highly recommend Metan Marine.

Metan Guarantee

  • 10 Year Warrantee on Structural Repairs
  • 5 Year Warrantee on Paint
  • Transport Services Provided
  • Detailed Free Estimates with Photos
  • Works with all Major Marine Insurance Agencies & Surveyors